Conceptual Social Media Design
for Youi Insurance Australia



Graphic Designer
Social Media Designer





This project is conceptual Social Media Design for Youi Insurance. I have charged designing promotional contents for six Insurance services for Youi. With six different illustrations, I have created social media posts on Instagram and Facebook and Resized images and retouched basic image.

Promotional content of six insurance products

  • Six Illustrations & Brand Style Guide

I have been using six illustrations which are easily understandable for customers. So I have brought theses illustrations for social media design assets. I have followed a brand style guide- Black and Neon Green for Primary& Secondary colour schemes and Helvetica for Typography of Youi Insurance on the artboard to combined with illustrations.

  • The composition between core message and images

To succeed to create this social media design project, choosing the right sizes depends on social media types were truly important to deliver the core message and convince customers to call the actions. I have tried my eye to make the balance between texts and image on artworks and to find the perfect a composition of texts and image before submitting.


Six Illustrations & The application of Brand Style Guide of Youi

Facebook Advertisement Assets

  • Resizing based on the purpose of use on Facebook

For designing Facebook Advertisement assets, I have considered different sizes of Cover photos ( 820*360pixcels) , Posts (1200*630pixels), Ads Carousel (600*600 pixels) on Facebook. 


The size of Facebook Posts and the applicdation of designs on Facebook


The application of design(1:1 Ratio) for Facebook Ads Carousel


A cover photo, 1:1 Ratio post on the company page

Instagram Ads on Feed & Story

  • Consistent Poping bubble graphic elements

I have used Circle graphic elements to make all posts consistent and popping bubble elements help to make attention from users(customers) when they are quickly scrolling down post walls on Facebook.


Consistent Black bubble element on Instagram Feed


Variations of the bubble element on Instagram Stories


The Summry of the prosentation of Whole Social Media Assets on the project

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