Mums' choice




A personal project

UX/UI, Digital illustration

Mobile application


The motivation of this project gets started from my curiosity in a daily routine. I personally have food allergies. However, most of the names of components are difficult terminology which general people could not understand.


Problem statement

We have exposed to the toxic world and harmful chemicals are being added to foods, household products, and cosmetics. Unfortunately, manufacturers often hide the ingredients and use meaningless terms like natural to try to convince us of their product. There are a number of people who are struggling with asthma, atopy, allergic reaction and indigestion problem and it has effects on their babies too. Besides, especially it is a huge impact on the weaker groups like pregnant, children, old people. Unfortunately, no Apps are going around in Australia which tells users exposure harmful chemical ingredients in food products.  Besides, the standard of food safety is different depending on countries. Therefore we want to help customers to know what they are eating and what ingredients are included in their food products and let them easily and quickly check data analyzed. In addition, we offer a platform for more people to be able to share essential information and keep updated data with each other.


Big data
The point of MUMS’ CHOICE is that users can check so many information related to food products in one place (MUMS’ CHOICE). Basically, users can search all components in food or use the categories on the navigation bar. So they can check how many components to be cautious are in the food products. Not only checking the ingredients on the food products, but also allergic reaction, cancel-causing agents they can check. The international health safety organizations: MUMS’ CHOICE uses all data from public confidence organizations that are Environmental Working Group(EWG), World Health Organization, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC). 

Social community on Chat 
Thus MUMS' CHOICE provides users social community board: Food Talk. Social community (Blog/ Chat): Food Talk is where users are able to share information on food products with other users. In this category, users can request what they want to know about certain food brands more so that this app actually includes a social network service. Sharing information between moms is essential to raising their babies. They would like to use a social community and the talks. It is useful to share data to update 1.000 data of new green food products monthly.


Barcode scanning on food products
Barcode scanning is important for MUMS' CHOICE. Because this function can encourage users to get closer to their goal to easily and quickly. MUMS' CHOICE uses the iPhone's camera to read the barcode and deliver instant feedback on the products and shows the level of toxicity on the products. 


Shopping lists
Users can search for food products they will do shopping in advance. So this function encourages economic shopping habits and healthy diet habits because they will not be over purchasing. Besides, it is more convenient for users to see the list of grocery shopping and check the ingredients of the food product once.

Recommendations for custom food
Based on the user's profile, Mums' choice recommends custom food to users. Users can get the new recommended food collections and food information in real-time related to their preferences of food and based on profile.

Allergy caution sign
MUMS' CHOICE analyzes Ingredients on food users' looking for. Data analyzed on this app is presented by simple and interesting diagrams so users can quickly get further information and details during shopping.



On the left side of the storyboard, Kaite who is the householder and has babies. She wants to search for less harmful ingredients in food products for her family and especially for her babies.  She needs more information from other moms who has babies in a similar situation to her.


On the right side of the storyboard, Daniel has an allergic reaction so he wants to look for gluten-free food. He often does shopping after work so he needs a tool to easily search ingredients on the food he wants to purchase.



The persona is a written representation of MUMS' Choice app's intended users.


Customer journey map


Design Language System

San Francisco typeface is a brand new modern font with much better legibility. After considering our target market, scopes and development time, we’ve chosen this font as core standard typefaces. This ensures that the UI is optimized to be highly legible, performs well, and is frictionless. Based on Dave’s system, the color system of MUMS’ CHOICE has been designed a more modern to empathise fresh and approachable to users. This limited selection provides constraint and visual continuity across our UI.


UI Design

Analysis of Ingredient
MUMS' CHOICE analyzes Ingredients on food users' looking for. Data analyzed on this app is presented by simple and interesting diagrams so users can quickly get further information and detail during shopping.


Chat and My basket
MUMS' CHOICE provides social community service and note service for users. Our targets include particular and minor users level so sharing information is essential for them. Contents on Chat designed to recommend reviews from other users and they can give and take feedbacks and information immediately. By noting service on MUMS' CHOICE called My Basket, help them to achieve the task and reduce inconvenience to open another noting app on a smart phone.


Scanning barcodes
The approach to search products is three ways: manually searching by names of the products,  scanning barcodes via camera , and typing barcode numbers. Once the barcode scanned, the card of summary of the information will be sliding up. For more information in detail, users can tap the card.

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